Continuous improvement
Growth-Driven Design

Generate new business by continuously improving your website through analytics.

A Smarter Way to Build Websites.

The Old Way

Best Practice Driven

Traditional Web Design.

It’s a set project that takes about 3-4 months to complete. The design and functionality might end up being just the way you envisioned it. But what about your users? 

Unknown Results

Most sites are perfectly designed - in theory. And the only way to test your theory is by launching the entire website.

High Cost in Time and Money

Websites require an upfront fee, 3-4 months to build and a Chernobyl sized amount of energy from you and your team, to build.

Long Time Between Updates

Your website is your biggest sale and marketing asset. Updating it after 2 year means missing out on some serious business.

The New Way

Data Driven

Growth Driven Design.

Speeds up the website design process by dividing it into fun-sized portions. A quickly launched website allows you to learn from customer behaviour and adapt the design and functionality of the site instantly.

Minimized Risk

The smaller the site, the lesser the risk. Launch as quickly as possible with only the most essential functions and has one job: improvement.

Time and Money Efficient

It’s a process, not a project. Relive the financial tensions with monthly payments and let your money do the work for you.

Monthly Updates

GDD uses audience data to make strategic decisions to continually improve the website every month and optimize it for business.

We Develop a Launch-Pad Website

20% of the functions that creates 80% of the result

A Website That Grows With You

1. Kick-Off Meeting

Just because we are launching a "light" website, doesn't mean we won't do the heavy lifting right away.

We will look at your:

  • Current situation
  • Dream situation
  • Customers behavior

Then we decide on the most important functions and goals for your website, set the design templates and get started.

2. Design

New website, new design. Are you casual yet professional, funny but somewhat reserved or would you describe your business as a chocolate-chip pancake? Yes, our designer will ask these questions and craft a design accordingly.

3. Development

When all design drafts are signed off, it's time to build this thing. Our developers make sure the design fits the content, all the functions are there and it looks great on all devices.

4. Launch

Up, up and away. Your launchpad website is now circulating the web and collecting data from your user's behaviour. And this is where the growth driven design process really starts.

The Growth Driven-Design Process

Your Website is Never Done.

Monthly Updates.

Website Wishlist?

This is where the real fun begins.

Your wishlist is where you share your great ideas with the team and together you will decide if it's a "Need-To-Have" or a "Nice-To-Have and prioritize accordingly. 

More Like Let's-Do-List

It's the starting point for your monthly website updates and includes everything from design and new website sections to changes in user experience. 



GDD step 1: Plan.png

1. Plan

By comparing the site's performance to it's goals, we decide what needs to be done.

GDD step 2: Development.png

2. Develop

New campaigns and functions are created and implemented to boost the site's performance.

GDD step 3: Company.png

3. Learn

Reviewing the new information allows us to dissmiss or prove assumptions about our users.

GDD step 4: Transfer

4. Transfer

Let's share the impactful information we've learned in this cycle with sales and marketing.

And Repeat.

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