CRM Implementation

CRM is a breeze with HubSpot and iGoMoon

With HubSpot's powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform you can remove unnecessary friction and enable your team to get a real-time overview of your marketing, sales and customer service activities. The HubSpot CRM platform is powerful on its own, but also provides all the tools and integrations you need to find the perfect mix of technology solutions for your business. 

Work with the best - We will have a functioning and optimised HubSpot system up and running for you in less than 6 weeks.


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Why choose HubSpot

HubSpot gives your business the security, flexibility and scalability it needs to grow. We’ll work with you to build a website that sets you up for success in the short term and can be flexible enough to evolve as your business does.

HubSpot is the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses.

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Great collaboration is key to success

In the spring of 2022, we at Humly worked with iGoMoon to launch HubSpot in our organization, both in the Swedish and English markets. We were looking for a flexible, knowledgeable partner with broad experience in this type of implementation. We found all this at iGoMoon, whom has helped us set up HubSpot CRM, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and Operations with a steady hand.
The collaboration with iGoMoon has worked excellently and the spring's work together has been frictionless. With its deep knowledge of HubSpot, iGoMoon has been able to guide us through sometimes tricky choices in a good way. I can warmly recommend iGoMoon to other companies and organizations that intend to implement HubSpot in their operations.

Kristoffer Hedram, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Humly.

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Our process


1. Discovery

A successful CRM implementation begins with a solid foundation built upon a thorough understanding of your business structure and needs. Once we have established the information architecture of your CRM, our strategists will scope out which functions, features, and properties to include in your new and improved architecture.

We review your existing marketing, sales and customer service processes, your data structure, and your available tools to provide expert recommendations for what you should keep doing, what you need to change, and what to leave behind in the dust. 

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2. Implementation

We move away from the theoretical and start the implementation process into HubSpot's CRM. Using defined naming conventions and relationships to ensure structure, we configure Hubspot settings, properties, custom fields, deal stages, and much more. If your implementation requires integrations, they are also configured, implemented, and tested in this phase.

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4. Employee training

The extensiveness of your employee training will be determined in collaboration with your team at the start of the project.

Once we reach the employee training phase, our involvement can range from training your department leaders and deputies only, to performing the training for your entire organisation and developing training resources for your teams to adopt and assume responsibility for. 

Don't worry, if a higher level of training involvement from iGoMoon becomes apparent throughout the project, we can always adjust the scope and increase our training involvement. 


5. Customer success and off-boarding

Once the project is concluded and training has been delivered, our off-boarding framework ensures that the required documentation, training resources, and appropriate user access is placed in the hands of your competent team and responsible stakeholders.

We also make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final product. Time to celebrate a job well done! 

Require more technical implementations?

We build anything technology offers, we love to hear new crazy ideas. Send us a message, and we’ll talk.