Discover your company’s untapped growth potential and set website goals in alignment with your strategy

Are you ready for take off? Through a discovery workshop, we unlock your website's full potential.

What is a Discovery workshop?

The Discovery workshop is designed to give you an understanding of your company’s untapped potential and for us to understand more about your challenges, goals, resources, and technology. This is also an opportunity for you to assess if iGoMoon is the right partner for you.

There are two takes on a Discovery:

2. Website scoping session

Is aimed at companies that know that they need a new website and a fresh start, but the website requires more functionality than your average "digital business card". Then we support with a Discovery pre-study to be able to scope out the “build” step. You will leave armed with an action plan as well as an estimated timetable for the project.

Site structure & navigation
SEO strategy
Technical specification & Integration needs
Plattform consultancy
Project plan, estimates & quote

How a Discovery works in short

Our discovery process follows these four steps:

1. Getting up to speed

Before meeting with your team we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and bring us up to speed on your business.

2. Workshop preparation

We will review your current website analytics, buyer personas, messaging, buyer touchpoints and HubSpot portal.

3. Discovery workshop

The workshop is a collaborative session together that can run for a half-day or a full-day (if necessary). The agenda is as follows:

  • Team and company introductions
  • Discussion of your goals, challenges, and your offers
  • We review the inbound methodology and if needed develop your buyer personas and buyer touchpoints
  • Where can we reduce friction and create more force
  • We look at your tool-stack and channels to identify opportunities
  • We discuss resources such as time, budget, and competence.

4. Feedback loop

After the workshop, we’ll extract insights gained during the discovery and deliver document and estimated budgets. During a two-week timeline, we meet for a feedback session to discuss the outcome and the next steps.

5. Final delivery

Mission accomplished. We have created and delivered the blueprint for your website growth strategy.