HubSpot Service Hub implementation

A seamless customer experience

You get expert guidance on configuring Service Hub and practical tips to enhance customer service with HubSpot. Our certified team will provide a tailored implementation that aligns with your company objectives and technology infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout your journey

Our solution helps you customize your Service Hub to fit your specific needs

Working with us in a Service Hub implementation gives you the following valuable outcomes

With a transparent and structured process, your customer success team can more easily replicate success and also onboard new hires to do the same


Centralized data, your CRM provides a full, accurate record of a prospect's history with one click, accessible for all your teams in all departments


Automating internal processes such as ticket management and task assignments ensures you free up your team's time for more customer-faced tasks


You get a streamlined customer onboarding process that saves time and improves communication, leading to more upsells and happy customers


With clear ticket stages and automation, your team focuses on more professional activities instead of spending time on administrative tasks


With pre-built templates and customizable quotes, upselling has never been easier, allowing you to move quickly and win more business


With detailed insights into sales activities and pipeline revenue, CROs can make data-driven decisions and take action to optimize performance


A data-driven approach to customer success leads to more effective and efficient service teams, ultimately driving greater revenue growth


Your own Custom Objects setup empowers you, ultimately driving more informed decision-making and better business outcomes


Your customers expect better service

HubSpot's Service Hub is a comprehensive platform that combines service automation and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to elevate your business's service experiences. It serves as the cornerstone of your service team's technology stack, providing the foundation for delivering exceptional customer treatment when properly configured and maintained.

However, a poorly set up Service Hub can lead to subpar customer experiences and missed opportunities for response. That's why partnering with a knowledgeable implementation specialist like iGoMoon is crucial. Our expertise in the platform allows us to thoroughly understand its intricacies and customize it to suit your unique requirements.

Delivery process & timeline

With our proven process refined over 8 years, we’ve learned that the process should be kept simple. Regardless of which package you choose, the process phases are the same:

CRM Discovery

Consultation meeting with the customer to understand their business requirements, current processes, and goals for implementing a CRM system.

Revenue Playbook

Understand the revenue process: How do you define/find your customer? How do you nurture them? How do you sell to them? What are the major steps in the customers buying journey? How do you service them?

CRM Implementation

Implementing and tailor your HubSpot platform based on your choice of HubSpot Hubs and license levels (starter, professional, or enterprise).

Data migration

At this stage the data is clean and tidy before migration to avoid confusing your sales team. Moving data in sections makes it easier to identify unexpected behavior during the migration.

Revenue process

Once your data has been moved into the new CRM it’s time to use the data so the revenue team can sell better, and faster. Here we create lead routing automation, notifications, custom lead views, and reporting.


We will teach your team how to use HubSpot CRM and the core features of each Hub to execute a high-performing outreach process like a pro.
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Meet Humly - a successful customer in orbit

"In the spring of 2022, we at Humly worked with iGoMoon to launch HubSpot in our organization, both in the Swedish and English markets. We were looking for a flexible, knowledgeable partner with broad experience in this type of implementation. We found all this at iGoMoon, whom has helped us set up HubSpot CRM, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and Operations with a steady hand.

The collaboration with iGoMoon has worked excellently and the spring's work together has been frictionless. With its deep knowledge of HubSpot, iGoMoon has been able to guide us through sometimes tricky choices in a good way. I can warmly recommend iGoMoon to other companies and organizations that intend to implement HubSpot in their operations.

Kristoffer Hedram, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Humly.

Read more about our project with Humly here or watch the video below 🚀.

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