Giving back

How we make a difference

Our founder & CEO, Mattias Gronborg, has a rare ability to listen and embrace the moments that matter. It was this internal ability paired with his spiritual connection to South Africa that has led iGoMoon to become a proud supporter of Project Playground

iGoMoon’s mission to support South African youth

Through a moment of serendipity, Mattias met the founders of Project Playground, a non-profit working towards global sustainable change and increased equality. This meeting was a moment that mattered. Project Playground’s vision is one which Mattias has deeply ingrained into iGoMoon’s core value system.

Project Playground provides a safe space and platform for children living in Langa township in Cape Town, South Africa. But they also have an established organization in Sweden with the same purpose. iGoMoon is dedicated to making an annual contribution to help Project Playground empower the children who benefit from their efforts.

One of iGoMoon’s goals is to establish an office in Cape Town and create job opportunities for the younger generation. As part of our core values, we believe in staying crisp. We see this partnership both as an opportunity for our team to learn from the culture and as a fundamental step towards creating the better world we believe in.